We need to change...

We need to change how we get our food.  Our increasing population will challenge the capacity of the planet to provide the food we need. We must learn how to expand food production without expanding agriculture’s environmental footprint. Agricultural practices acceptable today will not be in just a few decades. 

From producer to distributor to retailer we need systemic changes in food production and delivery. And we all need to become the best possible stewards of the food resources entrusted to us.

Improving what we do now is good.  But incremental approaches-continuing along familiar pathways-won’t take us where we need to go.  A successful food future will be built on new and innovative practices. 

Food's Future is about creating the new practices-built on sensitivity to the environment-that provide us delicious, healthful and nutritious food now and for generations to come.

It’s a very hopeful and exciting future.